about us

Falcon Aviation Engineering's Genesis

Established as the sibling entity to European Pilot Academy, Falcon Aviation Engineering was initially conceived with the primary objective of overseeing the maintenance needs of the academy’s specialized fleet. Serving as the dedicated caretaker for European Pilot Academy’s aircraft, our journey commenced with a focus on precision, safety, and reliability. As the aviation landscape evolved, so did our role, leading us to transcend our initial scope and extend our expertise to the broader aviation community.

Evolution into a Maintenance Powerhouse

From its humble beginnings, Falcon Aviation Engineering has organically evolved into a formidable force within the aviation maintenance realm. Our sphere of influence has expanded to encompass the diverse and expansive fleets of our esteemed clients. No longer confined to the maintenance of a singular fleet, our skilled professionals now cater to the intricate needs of numerous planes operated by a wide array of clients. This growth is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and client satisfaction, positioning Falcon Aviation Engineering as a trusted name in the aviation maintenance landscape.

The Synergy of CAMO and Engineers

In a pivotal step forward, Falcon Aviation Engineering has integrated its operations with the establishment of its own CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation). This strategic move has resulted in a harmonious collaboration between our CAMO experts and skilled engineers. Together, they work seamlessly, ensuring that each maintenance endeavor is not only efficient but also a hassle-free experience for our valued clients. The fusion of technical expertise and systematic airworthiness management guarantees that every aircraft under our care receives meticulous attention, reinforcing our commitment to safety and the provision of an unparalleled maintenance experience.

Elevating Excellence with Our New Hangar

In a significant stride, Falcon Aviation Engineering proudly unveils our state-of-the-art hangar, marking a pivotal moment in our unwavering commitment to excellence. This expansion enhances our capacity to deliver unparalleled aviation maintenance services with heightened efficiency and precision, mirroring the dedication evident in our harmonious collaboration between CAMO experts and skilled engineers. Together, they ensure each maintenance endeavor is not only efficient but also a hassle-free experience for our valued clients, reinforcing our commitment to safety and an unparalleled maintenance experience.

Alexey Kirienko

"I am very pleased with the quality, speed of work and professionalism of the employees and management of Falcon Aviation Engineering in a wide range of aircraft maintenance work."