In our state of the art hangar, we offer a multitude of services, ranging from minor aesthetic maintenance and renovation, to major overhauls of aircraft. All the maintenance done in our hangar is EASA Part M Subpart F approved. Below are some of the many services we offer explained in more detail.

  • Aircraft Registration – Since registering an aircraft can be a bit of a hassle especially if you are doing so in a country with which you are not familiar, we can help you with registering your newly bought aircraft in the Maltese registry.
  • Aircraft Spraying – If you are unhappy with your aircraft’s colour scheme, or the overall condition of the paint, we can take care of this by stripping down and re-spraying your whole aircraft to a colour scheme of your choosing, while fixing any aiframe imperfections in the process.
  • Interior Maintenance and Renovation – Since the interior of the aircraft is constantly being used an abused, it is arguably the section of the aircraft which gets worn down most quickly. This can lead to a shabby looking interior, which in turn makes the plane less enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a sun-visor which needs changing, an instrument not working correctly or your seats need to be re-upholstered, we’ve got you covered.
  • Aircraft Scheduled Maintenance – When an aircraft is manufactured, the manufacturer will decide on maintenance intervals (usually every 50 hours) and what the maintenance after each interval will include. We can do the interval maintenance according with the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your plane airworthy.
  • Aircraft Unscheduled Maintenance – We also do maintenance which was not planned or scheduled. This can be anything from a spongy brake pedal, to fixing up your aircraft after an accident.
  • Engine Overhauls – Every aircraft engine has a lifetime of a number of hours. After this time period, your engine needs to be taken out, sent to the manufacturer and a new engine is put into your aircraft.
  • Weight and Balance – After doing major maintenance, changing operator, or a certain time period, an aircraft needs to be weighted, to find the correct weight and center of gravity. We do this service for general aviation aircraft up to a certain weight.

If you have any questions regarding what maintenance we do and which planes we can do it on, please don’t hesitate to contact us.